Webinar - Basic technical analysis 1 *)

January 30, 04:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada)

*) Last live session of this webinar was a massive success. We therefore have decided to invite you to another live session of this webinar. So in case you missed it or want to participate again, be sure to sign up - limited seats available! The cornerstone of technical analysis 1 - Dow Theory - NetDania applications. Technical analysis is based on three assumptions: The market discounts everything. Price moves in trends. History tends to repeat itself. Technical analysis believe that prices move in short-, medium-, and long-term trend and everything are already priced into the instrument. It is the analysis of price movements, which technical analysts view as the product of supply and demand for traded instrument. Technical analysts believe that history tends to repeat itself. The repetitive nature of price movements is often attributed to human psychology. Duration 30 minutes.

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